About Me!

Hi everyone! I am Sydney McGrath a second-year Elementary Education student at the University of Regina. I was born and raised in a small town called LeRoy Saskatchewan and live in Regina during the fall and winter semesters. I grew up on a farm fifteen minutes out of LeRoy, my dad is a big farmer with the rest of his cousins and uncles while my mom works at our local bank. I have one older brother who also is now working in the farming industry.

Throughout grade school, I partook in many organizations and events happening at the school. I played senior volleyball for five years, contributed in SRC and SADD (students against drinking and driving) as much as I could throughout my high school years, and I took part in an exchange program in my Grade 11 year. Outside of school I mainly danced and played volleyball. In my grade 11 and 12 years, I was an assistant coach for a club volleyball team as well as taught dance in LeRoy. These two experiences were the driving forces that allowed me to understand my passion and love for education and teaching.

Now that I have moved on to post-secondary education my focus is on my schooling. I am planning to convocate a semester early, so I partake in spring/summer classes as well. Although my education is my main focus I do like to do activities on the side for a break. In my first semester, I started volunteering with the program called Sports for All, which is run by the university. This volunteer position allows me to work with children with varying needs and abilities in a sports setting, allowing them to get the physical and social development they need. This volunteer position is very rewarding and has brought on a new interest of mine after I finish my degree I plan to continue my education and work towards my certificate in inclusive education!

I am a small-town girl at heart and that’s why I plan to move back to a smaller town after I receive my degree and certificate. My end goal is to be settled in a town much like I lived my whole life and teach in a grade one classroom!