About Me!

Hello, I am Sydney Florette Jeanette McGrath and am a white settler Canadian. I was born and raised in LeRoy Saskatchewan on Treaty 6 land and am currently living here in Regina on Treaty 4 land. I am currently in my third year of schooling at the University of Regina pursuing a career in Elementary Education.

My passion to teach children started at a young age when I had the opportunity to assistant-teach dance classes. From this experience, I blossomed into finding more occasions to be involved in children’s lives. Throughout my high school years, I went on to teach dance classes, coach volleyball teams, and organize school events in my K-12 school. Since starting at the University of Regina, I have been working at a childcare center through the summer months as well as a casual educational assistant throughout the school year. Both these jobs have enhanced my understanding of the complexities of teaching as well as furthered my interest in having my own classroom one day.  I have also been involved with the program called Sports for All at the university. We work with children of varying abilities on skills to help them become physically literate individuals. This experience has been my driving force in creating an inclusive classroom where all individuals have the agency to learn. Through this opportunity of working alongside these amazing young individuals, I have grown an interest in inclusive education and will be pursuing an after degree certificate in inclusive education. All these experiences have been very rewarding and have guided me to where I am today.

The main reason why I want to become an educator is to give children support and love at school. My goal is to create an atmosphere that allows children to be who they want to be without fear of judgment or ridicule.

As I continue throughout my education I hope to gain numerous experiences to ensure I can become an educator who values social justice education in my future classrooms and create spaces where my diverse families feel welcomed and loved.