Summary Of Learning

Our ECS 110 has come to an end. I have taken the time to look back and reflect on my new knowledge and I am astonished over how much I have learned. I am now able to confidently discuss a variety of topics I never thought I would ever be able to discuss. After ECS 110 I feel better prepared to continue my educational journey to become an educator. This course has covered many topics that will benefit me as a future teacher.

We were asked to make a digital summary of the knowledge we have gained over this semester. You can take a look at my video below!


What does Canada 150 mean for Indigenous communities? 

Debunking the “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps myth”

How small is too small of a community to transition in?

What’s wrong with disability awareness?

Is Everyone Really Equal?

Along that Gravel Road 

Don’t Limit Me