Worldwide Community

As mentioned by Alec Couros and Micheal Wesch the use of technology, specifically the internet has created a community that reaches to all parts of the world. This new form of community has both its positives and its negatives, but overall is something that no one imagined could happen before it did!

Both Couros and Wesch touch on the impact of memes and dances and how they start at one location in the world and then move onto more and more places through sharing and reposting, this allows for both individualism and the formation of a community, that started from a single post. An example of this is the remake of “Charlie bit my finger” that was mentioned in Couros presentation.

The Original

And here is a remake of the original!

This is just one example of many videos, pictures, songs that are remade and shared throughout the internet. More examples of sharing are trends such as the dab, bottle flipping, and many more! As Couros mentioned, these remakes and trends can both be hindering in classrooms or teachers will use them to benefit their classroom, such as using the bottle flipping challenge as a lesson in physics.

Now putting this sense of community into an educational atmosphere, educators can see both the positives and negatives that will result from their young students building a digital identity. Like Couros mentioned in his presentation to our EDTC300 class, to successfully manage a digital identity we must be taught the dangers and benefits of the internet. Starting with the dangers, we as educators need to understand and teach how to create positive digital identities because privacy and the internet do not connect together well, once you have a digital identity and frequently posting your privacy is gone. Once posted it is in the system forever, and I think that is something many students forget, especially when using Snapchat! If we want our students to have a happy and healthy online identity, the school system also must recognize and spread awareness around cyberbullying that many teens are affected by throughout their life. Recognizing and teaching our students the dangers of the internet and the use of technology will allow our students to incorporate a healthy online and offline presence.

If teachers are then able to help their students build a positive online identity, they will then be able to go and incorporate those apps into their classroom, such as Twitter, blogging, google docs and many other online resources that can be accessed by teachers. Also, as mentioned previously teachers can also take the latest trends such as the bottle flip challenge and incorporate it into their lesson plans to keep the activity fun and relatable to their young students!

As technology continues to evolve I believe our school system needs to evolve and incorporate new technology into the classroom. Incorporating an online presence in your classroom will allow the students to communicate and learn from people all over the world, enhancing their knowledge and acceptance toward our diverse society. Forming an online identity is very beneficial to an individual, however, an individual needs to first understand what it means to have a positive identity and not a negative identity, our educators can help form this knowledge for our students!

Overall I have learned that I need to have my own positive digital identity and have an understanding of an online presence so I can teach my future students about the dangers and benefits of creating their own digital identities!

Photo Credit: college4successk Flickr via Compfight cc


2 thoughts on “Worldwide Community

  1. I like how you included an example that was displayed to us as a remake of a video. To be honest, my friend and I tried to remake a video similar to this at once too because we thought it was so funny. I appreciate how in-depth you were in the post and how you made connections to both of the talks.
    Lastly, I think this is so important: “Incorporating an online presence in your classroom will allow the students to communicate and learn from people all over the world, enhancing their knowledge and acceptance toward our diverse society.” Technology is everywhere and it is inevitable that is being brought into our classrooms and students are knowing more than we do. I think it is important we all learn together and make technology come alive in our classrooms.
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. This is a very well written and comprehensive post! You touched on a lot of important areas and points about technology and the use of the internet in the classroom. I agree that we must teach our students to create positive digital identities and to use the world wide web for good not evil!


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