The start of something new!

I am very excited to be starting my new journey throughout EDTC400 this semester! After doing EDTC300 with Katia over the spring semester, I am eager to start furthering my knowledge around the topic of educational technology!

Now, a little bit about myself. I am Sydney McGrath, a second-year elementary education student here at the University of Regina. I grew up in LeRoy Saskatchewan, a small town with a population of 500 people. Throughout high school, I took part in many extracurricular activities such as dance, volleyball, and curling. I also was involved in school committees such as the Students Against Drinking and Driving (SADD) as well as our student leadership group. All throughout grade school I loved attending school and was involved in as many programs as possible. My inspiration for becoming a teacher started in high school when I became an assistant dance teacher at my local dance studio. I knew for sure I was on the right career path when I began teaching at the dance studio as the main choreographer. I also did volunteer work in the younger classes in my school and fell in love with the joy those young individuals brought to me everytime I stepped into their classroom. From those moments, I knew that I wanted to become an educator to inspire young individuals to shoot for their dreams! Now that I am in Regina I spend most of my time doing school work, volunteering with Sports for All, and spending time with new friends and family. Through my volunteer position, I have grown a very strong interest and love for working with individuals with varying abilities. I began volunteering my first semester of university, and now am looking forward to finishing my degree a semester early and moving on to complete my after degree program in inclusive education. My love for school has led me through this amazing journey and I hope one day I can spread my love for learning to my students.

As mentioned previously, I took EDTC300 with Katia and absolutely loved the experience! I learned so many valuable tools and gadgets that I can incorporate into my classroom and my life in general. Going into EDTC400 I believe I have a well-grounded understanding of how to use most technologies and gadgets. Having that previous knowledge of educational technologies, there are a few goals I want to work on throughout this semester. The first goal I want to accomplish is continuing to build my PLN and making more connections with educators all over the world. To kick start that goal here is my twitter account if you would like to follow it, it would be awesome to make connections and share resources through this media source! My second goal with regards to this class is to take the different technologies and programs that I learned in EDTC300 and learn how to successfully apply these sources into the classroom, I hope this goal will be accomplished throughout the sharing of our mini-lectures that my fellow classmates will complete throughout the semester. This goal will allow me to become confident and competent in incorporating technology into my future classrooms. The final goal I would like to gain from this course is how to successfully teach my future students about creating a safe and positive online presence. We began talking about this in EDTC300, but I was somewhat confused about how I would do that in such young grades. Overall, I want to take my previous knowledge around EDTC300 and gain a larger understanding of the topic of educational technology in general.

Photo Credit: marcoverch Flickr via Compfight cc

I am super excited for what this course and semester have to offer, and I am eager to be working with amazing pre-service teachers doing great work!



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