What the world can see…

This week in EDTC400 it is expected of us to scan our social media accounts to see what the world can see about us. I have never been big into social media, however, I am on many social media platforms such as WordPress, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. All of these different social media platforms all serve one common function, and that is to stay in contact with people that I do not have the luxury of seeing or talking to every day. Although I do not post often, as a future educator I still need to be conscious and aware of what I am posting and being tagged in because my future students and employers can one day search me on the internet and find information I maybe did not want them to find. After reviewing the Professionalism in a digital world website created by the Saskatchewan Teachers Federation, I decided, it is best to go through all my social media platforms and investigate at this moment to see what I deem as professional and not professional.

Let the investigating begin…

To start simply, I will first investigate my blog. I created this blog in my first year in the education program. It is intended to build my professional portfolio that one day I will be able to show my future employers instead of a resume that does not give as much detail to who I am and my accomplishments I have made that will be shown on my blog. If you need more evidence to why a digital portfolio is more beneficial then a resume please check out these two articles:

  1. Forget the resume: Online profiles the tool of young job seekers
  2. 5 Reasons why your online presence will replace your resume in 10 years 

Now back to my blog. My blog is designed to be simple for anyone to guide there way through it (I know I got my grandma to go throughout it), and to be appealing to the eye to make people want to continue reading. My menu bar allows visitors to find exactly what they are looking for without scrolling through the whole blog and my side widgets also allow for people to see who I am, my recent posts, and connect with my twitter account as well. When people first open my blog they instantly get a description of myself and then can move on from there if they wish to continue reading. Right now my cover photo is a picture of my grad dress and shoes, however, I think it is time to change that picture to be a little more professional, I am just waiting to find a picture that fits before I change it (because I truly do love those shoes)!

Understanding that I am still pretty early into my program, I will continue to upgrade and embellish my blog as I gain more content to add. As I continue on throughout my years, the areas I want to focus my time on is: developing a strong personal philosophy, continue adding content from my classes, begin creating my lesson plan section, and furthering my teaching resources section. I think my blog gives off a very professional and positive identity for myself. My blog portrays my hard work, beliefs, values, and my personality which allows visitors to get a sense of who I am as an individual and my goals as a future educator as well. At this moment, I am very happy with how my blog is coming along and I am excited to see where it will go as I continue to move forward in this amazing program!

The world of Twitter…

I think of myself as still being very new to the Twitter world, however, I think I have a good grasp on how to run the platform as well as what I get out of the app. I made my Twitter this spring specifically for the purpose of building my PLN. Twitter is a great place to learn from others in the profession and to lend and receive resources, I mean just look at all the educators you have access to through twitter and this is just in Saskatchewan! Here are even more worldwide!  To start, let’s investigate my Twitter account:

I keep my Twitter account public to allow myself to receive more connections with other educators and allow other educators to connect with me. My profile picture is just a headshot of myself so visitors can see who they are connecting with, and then my cover photo is a picture of a sunset on my farm, the place I hold close to my heart, I believe that this picture also allows my viewers to see a part of me and my interests. A part of my Twitter that needs some improvement is my bio, I feel it is lacking in content and connections and with that people may be uninterested in following my account due to the dry bio I have created. I plan to embellish this section of my account throughout the semester after looking at other educators bios and gaining a grasp of how I want to portray myself on this platform.

As for my twitter activity and tweets, I need to do some serious improving. As Katia said in class the more tweets somebody does throughout their day, the more connections they will be able to make, which will then help you in the long run. After I completed EDTC300, I used my Twitter account at a bare minimum. Now that I am back at it with EDTC400, I want to set a goal of posting at least 5 tweets a day, whether it be original tweets, replies, or retweets! I also want to start participating in Twitter chats to build connections with educators around the world.

Overall, I believe I have a good start on my Twitter profile and now just need to continue making connections with others and building my PLN. If you want to help me continue to build my PLN go give my Twitter account a follow! Both my Twitter and WordPress accounts are open to the public eye, however, I believe these accounts give a positive and professional digital identity to my name and allow visitors to see my true passion which is education.

The world of endless videos… YouTube

Out of all my social media accounts, my YouTube account is used the least amount. The main purpose for my YouTube account is to upload videos that I can then transfer to my blog. I have never used YouTube for watching tutorials or any kind of videos other than “how to” videos of course. As for my account, it is extremely underdeveloped and could use some work to make myself appear present on the platform, maybe even be a good role model to my future students who are interested in making a YouTube account to showcase their talents or as a hobby.

Most of the videos I post on my account are categorized as unlisted, meaning that people need to have the link to access the videos, however, if a person was to look through my blog they would be able to access all the links from that source. Overall, I realize my YouTube channel is pretty bare, with that being said I took it upon myself to look up the benefits of YouTube in the classroom and there are many benefits and uses that I never knew about! If you don’t know the benefits of YouTube check out this article! After learning this new information I am now intrigued to build my account on YouTube and learn more about it so I can successfully implement this tool in my future classrooms.

“I wonder who’s birthday it is today”

You guessed it right, Facebook is the next social media platform I will be investigating in this blog post. To begin, I have my Facebook account as private just for personal preference, however, I still use my first and last name and have a picture of myself and family on my profile and cover photo that anyone can see. Interesting enough, however, when I do a quick google search to find my Facebook account it doesn’t show up! I am not sure if that is good or bad, and I am still undecided if I should have my privacy settings on. I know the STF states it is important to have your privacy settings maxed out, however, I have nothing to hide in my account, so why should I hide a positive and professional digital identity from my future students and employers? We are taught that it is important to lead by example with our digital identities so should I be hiding this platform? If you too are conflicted about what to do with your privacy settings, check out this article that gives you some insight on how to be professional teachers online!

The main purpose I use Facebook for is simply to stay in touch with my friends and family that I do not have the opportunity to see all that often! It is a great platform to communicate with people, and of course, keep up with all the birthday wishes! With that, I believe I have a positive Facebook account that allows individuals to see what is going on in my everyday life!

Last but not least… Instagram

The last social media platform I will be discussing is Instagram. I have been on Instagram for quite a few years now. When I first got my account, my mom ensured I had all of the privacy settings maxed out, and that is how my account stayed ever since. I am not sure if this overly matters, but just like Facebook I can’t help but feel torn between if I should or should not have my accounts private or public.

My Instagram account consists of posting pictures with my family, partner, and friends to let people see what I have been doing or anything exciting going on in my life. It is not like I have anything to hide, I just simply allow my friends and family to see my posts!


Overall, I believe I have a very positive and professional digital identity that does not include anything I wouldn’t want my future employers or students to find. As I continue throughout my education program and my career, I hope to continue building a PLN by using the templates listed above as places I can connect with others. I have listed some specific areas above that I see fit for improvement, however, overall I just wish to continue updating my social media accounts as I move along and gain new knowledge. I still am unsure of how I wish to perceive all of my social media accounts on the internet, knowing that people of different generations and understandings will have different opinions no matter what I choose and how I choose to portray my accounts. For now, I am happy with my platforms and am excited to see how they change as I continue using them.







6 thoughts on “What the world can see…

  1. Great job analyzing your online identity! I checked out the extra resources that you linked in your post about our online identities become our resumes and thought they provided some great points to consider! Ps. I also love your shoes in your blog cover photo as well! 🙂


  2. You did a great job breaking down your online identity! It was well organized and easy to read! You did a good job at adding additional links and adding pictures! Your blog page in general is very inviting! Keep up the good work 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Sydney,
    I admire the humor and creativity you add to your blog posts, the Facebook title definitely made me smile! You have done a great job of critically thinking about what your social media platforms are saying about you and being sure to recognize that everyone will have their own opinions of you based on the digital identity that you present to the public.


  4. Hey Sydney,
    First of all, thank you for sharing the document with multiple teacher’s Twitter accounts. It is great that you explain why use accounts on those social media platforms. Posting pictures of family and friends should not be hidden because they are important to you.
    Anyways, until next time,


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