The Great EdTech Debate: Why Teach Something that can be Googled?

Hello everyone! Aurora and I decided to take on the second week’s debate topic which looks at why teachers should teach information that can be googled! I took the agree side (which was a lot harder then I thought)! Here is the video! I am super excited to hear all the discussions on Tuesday!

Here are a couple required readings to help the class understand my side more thoroughly!

Why Learn Facts if you can Google?

This article focuses on why students are asked to memorize information and facts that can just be googled. Tapscott looks at the curriculum and then reflects that to the current age. Tapscott emphasizes the importance of Google in the classroom and states the importance of understanding and creativity over memorizing specific facts that may never be applicable to the student’s life outside of the classroom. Through this view of the curriculum then cuts back on traditional teaching and looks more directly to personalized learning!

Advent of Google means we must rethink our approach to education

This article specifically looks at the traditional forms of teaching and how students are underprepared for life after school. The article looks at changing the face of education to incorporate google searches in the classroom to enhance collaboration, self-learning, and deeper understandings. This will overall prepare students to become successful individuals in society.

Additional Resources you may find helpful:



2 thoughts on “The Great EdTech Debate: Why Teach Something that can be Googled?

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