Time to Wrap it all up!

The end of the semester has come and it is time to finish off the semester with another summary of learning! For this summary of learning, I have collaborated with my classmates and best friends Aurora Lay-Street and Lauren Sauser to create a website that concludes EDTC400. My journey through EDTC400 has been a memorable one with many valuable lessons and tips that I will carry into my future career! As all three of us share many of the same viewpoints we have created a website that sums up the EDTC400 topics in its entirety and used screencastify to pull out the memorable moments that really hit home for us!

Check out our Summary of Learning here:

If you want to check out our script you can view it here!


I would like to close by thanking all of my classmates both in EDTC400 as well as EDTC300 for making this class so memorable! The lessons I have learned throughout our time together will last a lifetime! Have a great summer and I wish you all the best in your future careers!

1 thought on “Time to Wrap it all up!

  1. This is such a unique summary of learning. It’s a practical way to organize the information and I love the effort that was put in to make it visually appealing. Great work!


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