Course Platform: Module One!

Hello everyone! What a busy week it has been beginning to create the first module for Stacey and my course platform for Grade 2 math! We decided to go with Google Classroom to create our platform that is something we have available to us at our division. With that, we have created this short video to take you through our platform!

Stacey and I divided up our modules, check out Stacey’s blog here! For my module I decided to create lesson 4. As you can see in the video, our lessons are broken up into the lesson description, video to review content, then the activity that the students are to create! This module was a lot of fun to create as it allowed me to explore some different tools such as Jam Board outside of the university context. Check out my “how to” video here that the students would watch to show you what the lesson looks like!

I am excited to continue growing this platform and I look forward to any feedback you all may have!


4 thoughts on “Course Platform: Module One!

  1. I love this! I have never been able to see what Google Classroom looks like before. I really like the way that the platform is laid out. I especially like all of the drop-down menus and how it shows a true sequence of events. I’m curious what it looks like once a student completes an activity on your end as a teacher?


    • Google Classroom is wonderful as it is all right in the same place! After students hit the “turn in” button on their end of google classroom, I get a notification that the student has turned it in and then I can go make comments and mark it through google classroom. I also an view the students progress as they are working on the assignment on my end!


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