Lesson 1: Getting to know my Piano

First off I would like to say that pianists make it look a lot easier than playing piano actually is! When learning how to play the piano you can not just jump right on to the piano and learn to play, there is lots of basic knowledge you must gain before even touching the keys. Posture and arm positioning are key concepts that allow you to perform your best while sitting at the piano. Your arms must stay light and airy, which will then allow your fingers to move through the keys without resistance! Although posture and arm positioning are very important, they are not the most important skills you must gain before you begin to play. A beginner player must understand the home keys on the piano and finger numbers before playing. The picture below will show you the keys and the finger numbers:

This week I began with the basics. I started with learning my finger numbers, basic keys, and my posture while sitting at the piano. After I knew the basics I then went on to learn the basics of playing. To start, I found a great app called Flowkey that takes the learner through lessons, this will be my primary source for my learning project. I will also be using other sources as I continue to progress, some of these sources will be sheet music, how to videos, and much more! It is amazing how many references you can find to teach yourself piano!

I began by using just my right hand to play simple melodies that stayed in the C position (this is like home base for piano players). I caught on pretty fast when learning to play with my right hand, and I was even able to read the notes off sheet music as I was playing, which was a huge achievement for me! Below is a video of me playing the first song that I learned on the piano using only my right hand!

After learning the basics with my right hand I then moved on to working just with my left hand. I found that my left hand was a little more challenging than my right, I found that weird since I am left handed, and my left is my dominant hand, but who knows? I again went through learning the basics just using my left hand, below is a video of me playing just with my left hand!

Once I understood how to play with both of my hands separate, I decided to then learn how to play together. This was tricky at first because I had to multitask and read the notes for both hands while they were trying to play simultaneously with one another. After a lot of practice on this skill, I believe I have done very well for my first lesson at the piano. Below is the video of my hands playing simultaneously with each other.

After reviewing all that I have learned throughout the week, I can say I am very proud of how much I was able to learn once I set my mind to it. There are a few things I want to focus on throughout the rest of my project such as, fluidity and being able to read the notes without hesitation. Repetition is key in piano so if I continue to practice a little bit each day I believe I will do well in this learning project! Stay tuned for next week where I will be working on chords and improving my technique!




Time to dust off those old keys!

I am super excited to announce that I have decided to take up the art of learning how to play the piano for my EDTC 300 learning project! My mom and dad bought a piano many years ago when I first showed interest in playing and then I got busy with other activities and never started lessons. As of right now, I know nothing when it comes to playing the piano! Now that the opportunity has come for me to teach myself something significant I have decided that I will take up a past interest of mine and dust off those old keys! I am curious about how fast I will be able to pick up the basics of piano and hope after this project I continue to teach myself. I plan to use mostly online sources like musictheory.net, Music Theory Academy, Youtube and many more that I will find as I go along. I also hope to use some community resources like some family friends that play piano who could also give me some important tips throughout my learning! I want to display my learning process through blog posts that include both pictures and videos that show the progress I continue to make each week!

Knowing that learning how to play the piano will take me awhile, I plan to start early this week. I think a good place to start is by learning the basic notes that many chords and songs will be using. After I understand the individual notes and the differences in sound that each note makes I want to then move on to being able to read the notes. Once I am able to read the notes I can then move on to combining both playing and reading at the same time! I have never been the best at multi-tasking but I guess it is time to start! After learning the very basics I will continue my progress by starting with simple chords and songs and moving up in level as my muscle memory and confidence improves! By the end of my learning project, I hope to be able to play a song all the way through using the foot pedals, white and black keys without a book or notes in front of me! This may be a big leap from not knowing anything but, having a goal to reach for will help me stay dedicated throughout the weeks!

This project will not only teach me the basics of piano playing but will also improve my ability on online searching and learning with internet instead of learning through lectures and classes. To succeed in this project I understand that I need to keep myself organized and dedicated and will be doing that by sitting at the piano every day and learning piece by piece. This project will benefit my self-learning skills, technology skills and confidence levels with myself.

Stay tuned for my progress through my Learning Project, EDTC300 thanks for the challenge!