Teaching Aids

Here I will be posting helpful readings, lesson plans, assignments and activities that could be used in the classroom! 

Tip 1: Check out this reading we studied in ECS 100 class in my first year! Very educational on the topic of sexuality and gender.

“Deepening the Discussion: Gender and Sexual Diversity” 

Tip 2: Check out an activity that I used in my field placement classroom! What a great Easter Activity!


This worked great in the grade 1 English class.

Tip 3: This link posted below is a great link to show many different classrooms on the importance of seeing Residential Schools being represented from the Indigenous Peoples viewpoint. Check it out!

“Shattering the Silence”

Tip 4: A great read that has helped me understand the importance of knowing myself to benefit my future students.

“The Heart of a Teacher”

Tip 5: Inclusive education needs to be recognized in the classrooms. Linked below is a great read that refers to bringing inclusive education in the classroom.

“Oh, Canda bridges and barriers to Inclusion”